Over the past year, Pam has been teaching something called Impressions. Impressions is a program developed by Wesleyan Women. It is a biblically-based etiquette program for Middle-school girls. Pam teaches it to both our Middle and High School girls. Over the past few months we have had special guests.

Tonight’s special guest shared with the girls the importance of encouragement and hospitality. He is pictured with Pam to the left. He is part of our military and he shared the importance of sending encouraging cards and letters.

During his talk, he told the girls that he had our church’s cards posted on the wall while deployed. He reminded them that all of us need encouragement and that our cards and letters were very important while he was away. He thanked the church for the cards.

It sounds like they had a good night, even though I was grounded (see the post below.) The older boys cooked for us and the pancakes as well as the rest they cooked were excellent (I had some take home!)

Tonight was about hospitality. How do we treat others (strangers, friends, and enemies around us? Do we treat them the way Jesus would? Jesus says when we do it to the least person, we’ve done it to Him. Great stuff to think about.

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