Sunday Thoughts – June 24

Whew! I’m glad the weekend is over. Not that anything bad happened, but it was very busy. Like I mentioned on Thursday, we babysat for a couple that had two boys. They kept three adults, a teenager and a ten year old busy. It was just interesting having young ones around the house. We didn’t leave the house, all at the same time, because that would have meant packing seven people into the van and it would have been too much work. All that being said, it was a good time and we enjoyed having them. It was a blessing to minister to their parents.

That was one piece to the puzzle. Our Mosaic girls had a sleepover on Friday night at the church. I hear things went very well. Thanks to all the Mosaic leaders who helped with this. Our youngest daughter came home very sleepy Saturday morning.

Today kept us busy as well. It was interesting trying to get little ones ready for church. I forgot how long it takes and we didn’t even have to the car packing thing, because the parsonage is next to the church.

The service went well and we had a good response to the challenge at the end of the service. We took the boys to their grandparents this afternoon after feeding them lunch. This evening we again looked at the corporate spiritual discipline of baptism and conversions. It has been a very interesting study. We plan to wrap it up next week.

Because of some technical difficulties, I had to burn a CD from a tape copy this evening. I went looking for an adapter to make all the audio happen and slipped off a step stool. I thought my plans to get everything done this evening were over. I didn’t know if I had broken my leg or ankle or some combination. It turns out its mostly brush burns and surface scrapes. (And no, I didn’t go to the hospital.) At this point in the evening, I am wrapping up this post and all the other post Sunday evening work and am going to relax a while. Hope you all have a great week.

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