Lighthouse or Life Saving Station?

If you’ve been following along lately, you’ll know that we are studying Keith Drury’s There’s No I In Church on Sunday evenings as part of our discipleship emphasis at that time. We are in the final chapters of the book and we have been discussing baptism and conversion. I recommend you get the book and study it together, because it is not meant to be read or studied alone.

As part of the discussion, we looked at the question of how we see our church. Do we see our church as a lighthouse or a life saving station? A lighthouse waits for people to come to them to save them and warns them of the danger. A life-saving station goes out (much like our Coast Guard) when the call goes out

There is much discussion lately as to whether a church should be attractional (lighthouse) where people come to church and we present the gospel or should the church be missional (a life-saving station) and go out into the highways and byways and take the gospel to them. Is it an either/or situation or a both/and situation?

If we look to Jesus and his disciples as our example, we see that it’s probably both. Jesus did not abandon the synagogue. He shared His message there even though it was not popular and Jesus went among the common people, preaching and teaching wherever there was a crowd.

We need to be ready when our church attracts people to us and we can do that in a number of different ways. We also need to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus where the people are.

So many times we think we need all kinds of training to make disciples and yes, that is needed, but Jesus called his disciples and they began right where they were. I challenged our congregation Sunday to begin serving Jesus right where they were. God may be calling some into something more, but we are all called to serve the Kingdom. We need to be attractional and we also need to be willing to go out and meet people and be Jesus’ hands and feet.

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