Mosaic Student Ministries

Pam and Teresa discuss the plan for the evening. Last night was a great night for Mosaic Student Ministries. We had 26 students “show up.” That in itself is a misnomer. Our church has a van and we go out for the most part pick up all of the students. I had to make two trips in addition to the church van to pick up and drop off all the students, which is a great problem to have.

We launched Mosaic last fall as the school year began. To say that everything has gone smoothly in the last year would be lying. To say that it has been a complete waste of time does describe it either. We have had some high “highs” and low “lows.” Such I believe is the nature of student ministries. It never occured to me when I was called to Preston that I would become a “Student Ministries” pastor in addition to my regular duties, but it has been good.

(Right) Teresa speaks to our middle and high school girls about the importance of safety. This even included a demonstration or two of how to protect themselves.

I’m often reminded by God that student ministries is not easily judged by a few weeks or a year. We will usually never know what seeds were planted on this side of eternity. We have been called to minister to the students of Henry County and Martinsville.

One of the cool things is to see how the students themselves are spreading the word. Almost all of the students there last night are not “churched.” That is they haven’t be coming to church all their life and mom and/or dad don’t bring them or show up. God has given us a great challenge and a great responsibility. Be praying for the ministry of Preston Wesleyan and Mosaic. We need it as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the students of Martinsville and Henry County.

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