Sunday Night Thoughts – May 27

Here I am at the end of a good day. Currently, I am listening to the National Memorial Day Concert. CeCe Winans has just knocked the ball out of the park with her rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer.” This is normally something we do as a family, but we had some company when the concert started so, some are getting ready for bed.

This morning we celebrated Pentecost and the Holy Spirit’s coming to the church at Jerusalem. What difference does it make? It makes all the difference. This was the whole point of this morning’s message.

A couple of months ago, our Ministry Leadership Team questioned why we cancel so many Sunday night services in May, June, and July. So, we have made a decision not to cancel most of our Sunday night services. We have typically lifted our services for Mother’s Day, Homecoming (which was last week), Memorial Day, Father’s Day and so on. Since we weren’t planning on cancelling tonight’s service, I decided we should have a picnic and a short Memorial Day commemoration. We had 21 people show up, including some who don’t normally show up on Sunday night. What’s really cool about that is that we only had 30 this morning. Is Sunday Night dead? Not at Preston. We have been having some great services of late even on Sunday Night. We had a great time of fellowship. I cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. We had lots of food and we had a short memorial service for those who have served our country.

I hope you have a great week. God bless.

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