Sunday Night Thoughts

Wow! what a day and I mean that from a good standpoint. If you weren’t there it’s difficult to describe. Let’s just say, there was a heavy dose of the Holy Spirit in both worship this morning and our teaching time this evening. I preached on what worship is like in God’s throne room base on Revelation 4. I’m currently in a series titled, “The Hymns of Heaven.” After preaching, we sang some songs based on Revelation 4. Let’s just say it was powerful. For my FLAME friends, it was comparible to some of the times we have there.

This evening’s teaching time was powerful as we finished the chapter on “The Moving of God” from Keith Drury’s book, There’s No I In Church. We looked at two powerful moves of God from Acts. First, was Paul and Silas in jail. Instead of grumping and complaining like we do, they were praising God, an earthquake happened and they were freed from their chains. As a result of their worship, they were freed from their chains and the jailer’s life was changed. Then we looked at Peter’s miraculous deliverance from prison as a result of the prayers of the church. We had some great discussion.

If you look at the post below, I’ve now started giving an outline of the service, so that you can see what songs and scriptures we are using and how we put the service together. Part of the reasoning is that I feel that God is leading me to write more in the area of worship. And while there are many sites that cover this area, I want to approach it from a Wesleyan perspective. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some worship links that I have found helpful to one of the sidebars. Have a great week!

One thought on “Sunday Night Thoughts

  1. I just have to say….AWESOME! It’s so great to hear the enthusiasm in your voice! And, may God continue to pour our His Spirit in that place!

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