Thursday Morning Musing

Last night we had one of those nights that make it all worth it. Our Wednesday night ministry is called Mosaic Student Ministries. Instead of just concentrating on teens, it is for any student attending Kindergarten through 12th grade. It currently has two components; a teaching time and then snack/dinner. We are looking at adding a worship time back into the mix this fall. We have a great group seven volunteers who work the various aspects each week; van driver, teaching, food.

Normally our students are divided by elementary/middle/high school. Last night we had elementary and middle/high school girls and middle/high school boys. My wife, Pam and Gayle hosted a dinner for the middle and high school girls. They had a wonderful time. Pam has been teaching a program called Impressions, which was developed by our Wesleyan Women in Indianapolis. We started with middle/high school boys and girls together, but we have since split it. Pam takes the middle/high school girls and I take the middle/high school boys once a month. Since we have split them up, we have been very pleased with the results. We have some very mature eighth grade girls and they were surprized that anyone would serve them a nice dinner on real plates in their home. Two of the girls gave Pam and Gayle a big hug and thanked them for loving on them. It was a cool moment.

I had a good time with the guys. We recapped Sunday’s sermon on why Jesus’ humanity was important. We had some hot dogs, courtesy of our kitchen crew and then went and played basketball. Overall a very good night.

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