A Little Fun

Many years ago, in the dinosaur ages of Christian Rock, the band, Servant wrote the song “Jungle Music.” It was a song defending the use of “Christian Rock.” The song finishes with a dialog which worked in most of the current, at the time, Christian artists and the titles of some of their albums.

In that vein, my daughter Anna became inspired and wrote a letter that does something similar.

Dear friends,

U2 must be having fun at Jeremy Camp. I hope you will remain Kutless in your adventures. Did you about this New Breed? It started in Israel. Thursday, this BarlowGirl came up to me and told me about it. There is a Hawk named Nelson flying around the neighborhood. The Third Day you were at camp, we had a Sonicflood. It ruined all the Jars of Clay. Did you have any GRITS yet? Late Tuesday, I thought I was going to be a Dead Poetic. I was really Delirious. Did you hear about the new Switchfoot operation? It is cool. Norma and Jean if I can tell you. Project 86 you will have to be Reliant K. I have to stay Underoath. As I Lay Dying, all I can say is MercyMe.

Pickett Fence

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