What does it mean to be missional? A friend of mine, nominated my blog as “missional.” I was reading through a recent issue of our offical church publication Wesleyan Life. Jeffrey Mansell, District Superintendent wrote this in an article that asked that question.

Being missional is more than having great programs and nifty acronyms, although those can be integrated into a missional organization. The term missional implies a systemic approach to fulfilling the Great Commission in which evangelism becomes a lifestyle that weaves itself into the very fabric of our being.

Missional living means:

  • Seeking opportunities to engage in spiritual conversations with the unsaved.
  • Practicing intercessory prayer for those person who have not personally received Christ.
  • Prioritizing available resources for the purpose of Great Commission ministry.
  • Demonstrating unbridled excitement over the announcement of a new birth into God’s Kingdom.

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