Under Appreciated Missional Bloggers

Imagine my surprise this evening when I went to my friend Mark Wilson’s blog Revitalize Your Church and I found my name at the bottom (at the time) of this list. I’ve added a few of my own to the list that you can’t get at other blogs.

Here’s a quote from Mark’s blog:

Brother Maynard started a list of “under valued, and under appreciated” missional blogs.I was surprised to see that I was listed in the early going.

It feels kind of like being on the ground floor of some Amway pyramid scheme. I’m honored to be on the list — but not sure I’m crazy about the idea of being “under valued” and “under appreciated.”

It looks like I’m in good company.

Emerging Grace
Nathan Colquhoun
John Smulo
Todd Hiestand
Chuck Warnock
John Lunt
Webb Kline
Mark O. Wilson
Rick Meigs
Brother Maynard
Glenn Hager
Paul Mayers
Jamie Swann
Paul Walker
Jerry Frear
Phil Wyman
Rainer Halonen
Matt Stone
Erika Haub
John Santic
Colin Lamm
Julie Clawson
Duncan McFadzean
Adam Gonnerman
Les Chatwin
Matt Wiebe
Rupert Ward
John Lynch et al
Ra’Ah Australian Bloggers
Mayberry Driven Church
Dale Argot
David Rutler
Rod Pickett
Joel Gorveatte

I’ve edited my own post to add one more. Dean Brown

To participate, copy this list into a new post on your own blog, and add the names you have to the bottom of the list, and encourage others to do the same. It could get fairly long, but that’s part of the point — helping us all discover those undervalued blog’s profile. Include these instructions with your post. When you’ve done that, leave a comment at Brother Maynard’s blog so he can keep track of who ends up participating.

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