Monday Night Bowling

Our team gathered as usual to bowl tonight, minus one, she was sick and none of our subs was available. We started the night in 15th place. I’m sure by the end of the night, we were in last (or 16th.) Two of us bowled fairly well in the first game. I bowled a 149. It was all downhill from there for the team and me. In game #2 I bowled a 117 and in game #3 I recovered with a 123 for a total set of 389 and an average for the night of 130. I struggled in game 3 except for the 10th frame. I spared and then threw a strike, gaining me 20 pins in the last frame.

I started well and finished well. The middle wasn’t to great. I remember rehearsing choirs, especially on the first and last songs of the concert. People remember the beginning and the ending. This doesn’t discount working strong all the way through, but especially the beginnings and the end. It was a good reminder for me tonight.

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