Sunday Night Thoughts – Jan 28

I led worship again today on both guitar and piano, (but not at the same time.) I’m not that talented. Our pianist should be back next week. We started reading in unison Acts 1:3-11 and then sang “Onward Christian Soldiers,” “We Want to See Jesus Lifted High,” and “Yes, Lord, Yes.” My son James is doing a great job playing the bongos. We are currently working on a series titled, “Love is Always Worth the Risk.” We are looking at the topic of evangelism and missions. I challenged us to love our community and be involved in compassionate evangelism.

This evening we started a new study based on a book by Keith Drury, called “There’s No I In Church.” We are going to look the corporate disciplines. Last year we looked the personal disciplines. I’m looking forward to this study on Sunday nights.

On a personal note, Pam is doing better. She was able to attend both our morning and evening sessions today. Thank you for all your prayers. Not everything is back to normal, but it is much better. We have a follow up visit with the doctor next week.

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