Thursday Night Family Movie Night…

Last night, I watched the Cars DVD with my children. We had watched it at my mom’s, but tonight I got a chance to really watch it. We have a nice 5.1 surround system so we got to experience it in all of its glory. I enjoyed the story once again.

This morning I was thinking about the story and realized that it really is a story of transformation. The lead character, Lightning McQueen, undergoes quite a transformation from a obnoxious, rookie full of himself to someone who cares about more than himself.

I typically don’t spiritualize every movie I watch, but I pulled several points out of this movie.

  • Mater was willing take McQueen in as his friend. It didn’t matter who McQueen was. Wouldn’t it be great if our churches could do this with everyone who comes in our doors.
  • I am amazed at the transformation of Lightning in his experience at Radiator Springs. He comes there with great pride. When he is finally found, he is sad that he is leaving. At first he can’t wait to get out. In the end, he decides to put roots down and invest in the community.
  • Not only is Lightning McQueen transformed, but so are several others including Doc Hudson and the entire town of Radiator Springs.

Transformation is important in the life of the Christian. We are called to change from our proud, obnoxious, selfish selves into humble servants of Christ. In order to do this we must submit ourselves to Christ and let Him work in us.

I was thinking about our youth group today. My prayer is that we can affect that kind of change in the students that God has given us. In the process, even though it’s difficult, even for me, we need to love and accept those whom God has given us. I would love to see our group transformed by the power of Christ.

One thought on “Thursday Night Family Movie Night…

  1. That’s a great movie….and great insights there! I was reading Romans 12:1-2 again this morning about being transformed by the renewing of our minds. It starts in our minds, and when we transform our minds, it affects all we do. I love those verses! Sounds like you have the beginnings of a good sermon….furnished with movie clips!

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