Uno Attack!

Wednesday night at my in-laws, we played something called UNO Attack. It was a unique version of the card game UNO. We played it with about 12 people around the table. It has a card dealer that will either spit out no cards or a random amount of cards. Before we were around the table twice the 3 of us at one end of the table had twice as many cards as we started with. It wasn’t long until we had three times as many cards. I came no where close to winning the game and that’s alright. I had a lot of fun spending time with the families that had gathered there.

There are just times when you need to spend time with the family and last Wednesday night was one of them. We had a lot of fun even though we got a little loud for my Mother-in-Law.

One thought on “Uno Attack!

  1. I’d love to come see your race one day. I prefer to watch the small races (>1.5 mile) in person, and the big ones on TV. I’m too blessed with a NASCAR track right down the street here in Dover, DE.

    You are a victim of a drive-by comment. I use the next blog button a lot to see who’s out there.

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