Sunday Night Thougts – November 26

We had a great day of ministry today. God has been working among us and for that I am greatful. We celebrated Christ the King Sunday today. Not many Wesleyans would even know what Christ the King Sunday is. It is the last Sunday on the liturgical calendar. It is always the Sunday before Advent begins. We celebrated the King who’s reign is forever, with a great reading from Revelation 1:4-8. Then we sang several songs about His Kingship. I preached a message called “Worship the King,” and then my daughter finished the service by leading us in worship with the song “Beautiful Savior.” What a great morning.

I am looking forward to starting our preparations for Christmas. Over the next few Sundays we will be preparing for the King who is coming. Next week, we will remember that Jesus Christ is coming again. The first time He came (the First Advent) He came as a helpless baby. The next time He comes, He will come as the King of Kings. We will remember that by celebrating communion together as Jesus commanded His disciples to celebrate it until He returns.

Our choir is doing a great job in getting ready to lead worship on Christmas Eve morning. We rehearsed tonight before church. I led my last discipleship class of the year, because of the many activities in December on Sunday night and the children and teens practiced their musical which will be in two Sundays.

It really was a great day of ministry, but now I am looking forward to relaxing a little. I’ll probably fall asleep right away, because it’s been a busy weekend between church and Radioshack. Have a great week.

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