Thank You

Thank you to the congregation of Preston Wesleyan Church. It has been a wonderful month of appreciation of our ministry. You will notice that I say our, that’s because my ministry is enhanced by my wonderful family. We have a great team. First of all, there is my beautiful wife and help mate in the ministry. Pam is a wonderful partner. She takes care of many little details and is my right hand in the office. She also enhances my ministry with her encouraging ministry. Pam spends several hours each week writing notes of encouragement to those deserving in our congregation. She also takes care of those missing you cards. She is an integral part of my ministry.

I also have some wonderful children who enhance the ministry as well. Rebecca did a great job on the pastoral prayer this morning, God is going to do some great things in her life. Anna, did well with leading the worship all by herself this morning. James is all boy and adds excitement to the parsonage.

Our congregation showed their appreciation in many ways:

  • There was the cake during our Friend Day Celebration
  • Several gave cards and money
  • We went out to some local restaurants.
  • The bowling team gave me a pair of bowling shoes
  • I got a CD of one of my favorite groups from my high school days. It was a lost album from the Russ Taff Imperial days.

Thank you to the congregation of Preston Wesleyan for your thoughtfulness. I look forward to our years together in kingdom building. May God bless all of you.

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