Sunday Night Thoughts – Oct 29

What a great day we had today. Over the past few Sundays, my wife and I have been substituting in various Sunday School classes. Today was no exception. We taught our Middle School class and taught about prayer. We looked to the Lord’s Prayer as our example in how to pray. What are the essential elements of prayer?

P – Praise
R – Repent
A – Ask
Y – Yield

We had a great time with the students and then we went into our worship service, where we had a student ministries emphasis. Except for the offering and preaching, the students led all the worship; Welcome and Announcements, Call to Worship, Songs, Pastoral Prayer, Responsive Reading, and Benediction. They did a great job leading us in worship. They did have one overgrown student help with playing the guitar, set up the offering, and preach the message. Our congregation was very supportive of our students and we are looking foward to our next Student Ministries Sunday.

This morning’s message was “In Me.” We looked at the power of Christ in our lives. Peter is a great example. Before Pentecost, Peter had several glimpses of the power of Christ, but it was only temporary. It’s amazing to see what happened when Christ’s power finally infiltrated Peter’s life. We also looked that God calls each one of us to Christian service. Some he calls to be laypeople in the church, some he calls into “professional” ministry. Sometimes we think we don’t have what it takes, but if God calls us, he will give us all we need to fulfill His call. The cool factor came when two of our students came to the altar to pray at the end of the service.

It was a busy day as our family when visiting to the hospital together after church. We got to pray for one of our congregations room-mates as well as one of our members and his wife. Hopefully he will be home for good tomorrow. This is good news because we thought he would be in much longer.

The day finished off with our annual Fall Festival. It was a bit windy, so we had to cancel the bonfire portion which was a dissapointment for all of us. We had a feast of hot dogs (all the way, which means a hot dog on a roll with onions, chili sauce, slaw, and mustard) chips and cupcakes. I like my hot dogs “all the way.” (By the way, I’ll take slaw anytime over sauerkraut, betraying my German roots.) However, nothing beats a Yocco’s (if you’re ever in Allentown, PA check them out.) The festival is more of a fun time and we needed that after some of the serious times we have had of late.

All in all a great day. I have enjoyed winding down, working on my various websites and journaling the day’s activities. Thank you Lord, for the way you worked in our lives today.

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