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Todd Agnew’s, Do You See What I See? I love this CD. We have only had it for about a week. Todd’s music is refreshing because is different. I loved his “Reflection of Something.” It was very bluesy. In a radio interview last year, he talked about how we always tell the Christmas story the same way with the same songs. This is not one of those CDs. While it doesn’t have the same bluesy feel as his non-Christmas CDs, it does have a different feel from most Christmas CDs. The only familiar songs would be “Do You See What I See,” and the Bob Kauflin classic “In the First Light.” Todd and his friends wrote the rest of these songs. Don Marsh did all the choir and orchestra arrangements, but they are used sparingly. I love the title track with its new bridge. Pam likes second track “No Room,” which is a bluesy song of the birth from the innkeepers point of view. There are some great tracks on this recording and I will probably explore some of the topics as we approach Christmas.

One thought on “Currently Listening to…

  1. I enjoyed his Grace Like Rain recording, but was less impressed with the follow up album.

    But since In the First Light is one of my all time favorite songs, I might have to give him another listen.

    By the way, I saw this morning that Take 6 has come out with a new album. The girls were surprised when I said that I listened to them in college. They said, I didn’t know they were that old.

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