Monday Night Church Bowling League

Last night was an interesting night. It was either hot or cold, no in betweens. First, last Saturday for pastor appreciation, I was presented with a pair of bowling shoes by the team. That will come in handy and save a $1.75 every week to rent shoes. Thank you to the team for doing that for me.
We ended up bowling one of the best teams in the league. It was a great contest with every game being decided by 12 pins or less. Each game came down to the last ball bowled. I did alright in the first game bowling a 137, included in that was picking up a 5-10 split. It was all downhill from there. I bowled a 114 the next game, which included a gutterball on the first roll early on in the game. The worst part was that I had picked up a spare the frame before and complete wasted it. I did manage to pick up a spare after that gutterball, but then the next frame only picked up 4 on the first ball. I finished with 126 in the third game. I even picked up a double in that last game. Over all a very interesting night, my average will probably go down a few points, but that’s ok. Part of bowling is having fun and our team has lots of that.

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