The Race

As it says in the title, we live in a place (Martinsville, VA) where NASCAR visits twice a year. Our sleepy little city triples in size for the weekend. This past weekend our city hosted both the Craftsman Truck series and the Nextel Cup series. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you already know that. It was interesting as I went to pickup the kids in the van this morning. Our usual 45 minute round trip was a bit longer, because we couldn’t take the usual route because of the race traffic. My family had a great time yesterday visiting all car exhibitions around town. The race teams bring the cars to various places and let the fans view them. I had to work yesterday, but they were excited to tell me all about it when I got home. By tomorrow afternoon, it will be difficult to tell there even was a race here.

What amazes me about the NASCAR fans in general is that they will go to great lengths to let you know who their favorite driver is. Many of the cars on the street advertised “their driver.” It’s amazing to me to see the money spent on what is basically entertainment. If only we as believers would be as quick to go to the same lengths to tell people about Jesus. Think about it!

2 thoughts on “The Race

  1. I thought about you Sunday when I was watching the cars go round, flipping through the channels.

    I understand you’re bowling tonight. Tried to call. I’ll get ahold of you later.

    Want to see what your plans are for Christmas.

    Actually, In prayer meeting Friday night the Lord spoke pretty clear to me that my relationships with my family are pretty poor, and I don’t call you enough just to say hi.

    It’s funny that we have so much in common…but don’t speak about it really. I hope I can change that, and I’m sorry that it hasn’t been sooner.

    Anyway, I hear good things and your committment to blogging is amazing! Amy has pretty much taken ours over because I never posted anything anymore.

    O well…semester is ending soon. Christmas kettles are around the corner. Hope your people help out the Martinsville Corps. I’m sure they can use the help. We have friends who just went to lead the Danville Corps. Not sure how far away that is.

    God Bless…Talk to you soon.

    A 62-yard Field Goal? Give me a Break! šŸ™‚

  2. Ken,
    We are planning to ring bells for the Martinsville Corps this year. The Martinsville Corps changed hands this year as well. I can’t remember what their names are but he is from Dallas originally. Danville is about 35 to 40 minutes from here. Thanks for thinking of us.

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