Sunday Night Thoughts – August 6

For some reason, August 6 has always had significance in my life. Many years ago, I was working for a time management company in their customer service department. August 6th was the day we switched over from our old software to new software including an upgrade to a new computer system. Needless to say, it was an interesting couple of days and weeks until all the bugs got worked out. Several years later, August 6th was my last day at that company, as my wife and I felt the call to the ministry and we left our home for Indiana. Five years later, we again moved on or around August 6th. There have been several other events, but I don’t recall them right now.
This year we had another significant event because this was a great weekend. Yesterday, our church tried something different. We had an all-day, one day Vacation Bible School. We had 18 children show up and our staff of 15 was ready for them. It was great to watch the staff interact with the kids. This was the first year in quite a few that my wife and I weren’t fully immersed in this summer tradition.
On Friday night several of the staff gathered in the foyer of our church for a prayer meeting for the day ahead. One of the things that we prayed for was that my schedule would be worked out so that I could be part of this day. Praise the Lord, he worked it out in His timing, not mine.
At the close of the day, I had a chance to present the gospel to our students. Several raised their hands to receive Christ as their Savior. (As my friend Dean Brown blogged a few weeks ago, that makes it all worth while.) Thank you to our director and the staff of our Vacation Bible School for being part of this great event. I am looking foward to seeing the results of the seeds that were planted yesterday.


Vacation Bible School Here We Come

Tonight, I spent some time over at the church with others who were getting ready for Vacation Bible School. We are trying something this year that I’ve never done before and that is an all day event. We have excellent leadership for this program and I’m looking forward to the results.

My two daughers and several of the teens from our church are helping with skits and other activities. They have done a great job at memorizing lines for the skits.

Be praying for us as we have a chance to present the Good News to children in the community. Also for Sunday morning when we hold our closing program and I present the gospel to those who attend. God is working and it is amazing to be on His team and working for Him.