Mosaic Student Ministries

Last night we “kicked-off” our new student ministries program. We are calling it Mosaic for several reasons. A mosaic is made up of many different tiles to create a beautiful work of art.

Similarly, Mosaic Student Ministries is made up of a diverse group of students Kindergarten through 12th grade. The are diverse in more ways than age. They attend different schools. They have different interests. They come in all different kinds of packages. But our desire is to bring them together into a big beautiful picture for God. In some ways you could compare it to a photomosaic.
A photomosaic is made up of many different small pictures to create one large picture. While praying in John, Jesus prayed for His disciples to be one with Him, just as God and He were one. That is our prayer and desire for our students; that they would become one with Jesus and with each other. We want to develop students who can go and change the world.


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