Praise You in This Storm

Today I continued our series titled “Lifesong Lessons.” The series is based on the CD “Lifesong” by Casting Crowns. Today’s sermon was “Praise You in This Storm.” (emphasis mine) How difficult is it to praise God when everything is going well? How much faith does it take to praise God when “the world’s all as it should be?” Not very much. It takes much more faith to praise God in the storm–when it’s tough to get your bearings. It is a real test of our motives of worship. James writes in his letter that the storms or trials of life exist to strengthen our faith. Without the storms in life our faith will be lacking something. It will not be tried and true. The apostle Paul reminds us that these are temporary trials and they cannot compare to the eternal riches that we can’t see. To see more than this summary click here.


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