A couple months ago, I purchased a CD by Casting Crowns called Lifesong. I had been hearing some of the songs from the CD on the radio and liked them enough to search our the CD. As I began listening, I noticed that a theme was woven through the songs. Mark Hall and the rest of Casting Crowns produced a CD on the theme of worship. What does our life sing (say) about the one we worship? What does it mean, “Let my lifesong sing to You?” I happened upon Greg Laurie’s website and caught this statement; “We were made to glorify (or worship) God and when we fail to do that, we fail in our purpose.” There is more to worship than coming to church on Sunday mornings, singing a few songs, praying, giving my offering, and listening to someone speak for 30 minutes. We are to live a lifestyle of worship. That means to give God worship in everything we do. It is a small sacrifice to come and worship for an hour of worship, and if that worship doesn’t connect to the rest of our life, it is all in vain. Paul writes in Romans, “to offer up our bodies as living sacrifices – the kind God will accept. This is the way to truly worship God.” We ought to live every moment worshiping and pleasing God.


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