Celebration of Praise

Tonight for church we had a semi-regular feature called “Celebration of Praise.” Many years ago, we would have called them a Singspiration or Hymn Sing. I was in charge tonight, usually I hand this off because it gives me a chance to worship with the congregation instead of leading it. I’ll use the term in-charge loosely. I had no plan in mind except for a few opening songs. We had several people who brought songs along to sing and we had a skit and a few jokes. As the night progressed a theme came clearly into focus; God’s amazing grace. My friend Charles Thomas, read something in this morning’s service about grace. The summary of the story was God does with grace what we cannot do for ourselves. We sang and some led us in songs about grace; Amazing Grace, It’s All Because of God’s Amazing Grace, and I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary. God’s grace involved Jesus going to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. He rose again to conquer sin and death. He went back to heaven and is now preparing a place for us and He’s coming back again for those who have received Him and believed in His name. That’s grace. Jesus did what we couldn’t do for ourselves.

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