Sunday Night Thoughts – July 30

Today we took in four members at Preston Wesleyan Church. Two are coming in as Covenant Members and two as Community Members. The Discipline of the Wesleyan Church gives us two options for the ritual. I elected to take us through the long form even though those who were coming in as members had already answered the questions. I believe it is important for those who are committing to membership in a church to know what their responsibilities are. It is also good for those who are members to be reminded of what they signed on for as members. Again, two of my children were involved, so again I was a proud father. It already looks like we’ll be having another membership service before too long.
Tonight, we finished up Keith Drury’s book, With Unveiled Faces. It has been an interesting journey. As a side note, I found it easier to practice those disciplines of abstinance rather than those of action. We looked at the discipline of response tonight. How do respond to both the good and bad that comes our way. It shapes our Christian character. As we discussed this discipline, I noted that this idea of how we deal with trials has come up several times in the year since God has called us to Martinsville. I like how James puts it. Trials come our way to shape us into the people God wants us to be. To balance this out, so do the good things that come our way. How we deal with sucess, wealth, fame, health, and other things shape our character. I have enjoyed the teaching that has come from this book, because it is practical and allows us to think and as Paul puts it, “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.”

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