Student Ministries

This past week I have been doing some brainstorming regarding our student ministries this fall. Over the past several years, the Lord has impressed upon me the importance of student ministries. During our Local Church Conference Celebration, I gave this important statistic from Child Evangelism Fellowship, which says that 84% of all adults who have received Christ did so between the ages of 4 and 14. In just a few weeks we are going to hold an all-day Vacation Bible School. My director is excited about the opportunities that we will have to share Christ, not only on Saturday, but during Sunday worship as well as the kids present the closing program. If your a regular reader of my blog, please keep August 5 and 6 in your prayers as we minister to the children in our community.

This is one part of our student ministries program. We have a wonderful van ministry that picks up students in the area. The van runs not only Sunday morning, but Wednesday evening as well. Over the summer we have been averaging about 25 students and adults for this program. Which is great for the summer. In a few weeks, our students will be going back to school and we are planning kick up our program a few notches. One of the things that I have been working on is a name for our student ministries that encompasses who we are. The one that keeps coming to the top is Mosaic.
Our students are a diverse group in several ways. God is piecing us together into a beautiful picture. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense when you are close up, but when you back away the picture comes into view. Another one that is still kicking around is Chi Alpha or Christ First.

That is the goal of our student ministries is that each student would put Christ first in their lives. You can see the logos that I’ve come up with. We are also looking at putting into place a student ministry leadership team made up of adults and students. I’m looking forward to helping them give leadership to this exciting venture. Please be in prayer for this and our church as we seek to build God’s kingdom in our community.

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