Sunday Night Thoughts – June 25

This has been a great end to an interesting week. I could relate to the Psalmist David in some of his melancoly moments in the Psalms. Part of that changed as I read Paul’s letter to the church at Thessalonica. I was reminded that there is joy in serving others. That helped me greatly as I went about writing the sermon for the week and continued to serve the congregation here. Part of that melancoly feeling was that I had volunteered to head up our youth’s spaghetti supper last night. I was getting more nervious as Saturday approached. I owe a great deal of gratitude to several ladies who stepped in an were a great help. Thank you to Rhonda, Patty, Vicky, Dreama, Kathy, Gayle, and Lillie Ann. Let me apologize in advance for anyone I missed. Also thank you to Tony and Debbie who helped out in the kitchen during the supper. The youth did a great job and raised most of the remaining money they needed for youth camp this week. The rest was raised in this morning’s service. Thank you so much Preston Wesleyan for your investment in the Kingdom of God.

I wrote on Thursday, that I have tried to get out of youth work several times, but God brings me back to it. This week, I’m really beginning to feel like the youth pastor. Wednesday, I drove the van. Saturday, I (along with much help) headed up the spaghetti dinner and drove the van to pickup and drop-off teens and tomorrow I get to drive the van to youth camp. Not that I’m complaining, because this week I was reminded that Paul had every reason to complain but he served with joy. Actually, it’s been cool to be the “youth pastor.” I thank God that we are able to minister to all of the students in our church from the smallest to the biggest. We often say that they are the church of the future, but I’m convinced that they are also the church of today. I think that’s enough rambling and writing for one evening. God bless you all.

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