A Unique Service of the Psalms

My friend Mark Wilson shared on his blog about a service of the Psalms that they did today. The entire service consisted of Psalms 1 to 72, sung, spoken, and prayed. The whole service consisted of scripture and scripture only. They are going to do the second half next week. Mark and his congregation along with other Wesleyans are reading through the Bible this year. We have quite a few at Preston Wesleyan who are reading through the Bible this year. By the end of this week we will be half way through. This marks the farthest I’ve ever made it through the Bible in one year. I have read through the New Testament as part of my New Testament Survey class at Indiana Wesleyan University. I’ve read through quite a few of the Psalms, but as of the end of this week, I will have read all of those as well. It has been exciting and interesting to read the adventures of God’s chosen people. It has been a great journey along with the rest of our church and I’m looking foward to the rest of the year.

One thought on “A Unique Service of the Psalms

  1. Thanks Dale! It’s great to see so many people going through God’s Word together.

    We’re adjusting part #2 to be more like our normal service — but it was a good experience.

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