An Unexpected Blessing

Tonight, my wife and I had the opportunity to take our teens to a local rehab center. (I keep trying to get out of youth work, but it keeps coming back to me.) The teens made cards for some of the residents last week. As we were walking in, several of the residents asked if we were going to sing in the activity room. I told them we were coming to visit a lady from our church. The teens and I went to her room and sang several songs. I read some scripture and prayed with her and left. One of the nurses thanked us and said we sounded wonderful and it brought tears to her eyes. I had left my guitar out of the case, just in case we ran into the residents who were outside on the way out. As God would have it, the lady who asked if we were singing was coming in the building as we were leaving. I asked if we could sing her a song and she said yes. We started with Open the Eyes of My Heart and finished with Amazing Grace. It so happened that Open the Eyes was one of her daughter’s favorites (Her daughter was pushing her wheelchair.) Amazing Grace was mom’s favorite. You can’t go too wrong with Amazing Grace! While we were singing, some of the teens handed out homemade cards to the residents who were sitting around us.

As we left the building and climbed back into the church van, I left feeling as if we had changed the world this evening. I’m looking forward to taking our kid’s ministry next week. It was very cool!

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