Sunday Night Thoughts – June 18

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Last week my family and I took a vacation to visit good friends. These are the friends that I wrote the silly song for that I wrote about last week. We had a great time visiting them. One of the spiritual gifts I know they have is the gift of hospitality. When they were at our house last fall, we consumed a great amount of calories. That was small potatoes compared to the amount of calories we consumed last week. My wife’s lifelong dream has been to go to Camp Lejeune. She wanted to be a Marine. We went to visit a chaplain friend of ours and ended up meeting not only him but another of our chaplain penpals as well as another chaplain. They did a great job of giving us the ten-dollar tour. It rained the first part of the week, but on Thursday, we finally got to go to the beach. This was my first time on a southern beach and it was great. Thank you for the great time.

As with all vacations, it was nice to get back home. I had to quickly gather and prepare for today’s services. I’m looking forward to life returning back to normal this week. Tomorrow, I’ll write about one of my favorite Old Testament stories. It’s one we’ve been reading this week in our journey through the Bible.

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