Sunday Night Thoughts – June 11

Wow! What a day. We had a great service today. As I mentioned earlier this week, our church was going to celebrate communion. When we received communion we celebrate. Look at these two definitions.

Celebrate-to observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, or rejoicing or to perform (a religious ceremony) or to announce publicly or proclaim or to extol; praise or to observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony.

Communion – a possessing or sharing in common; participation; a sharing of thoughts or feelings; a religious or spiritual fellowship; a body of Christians with a common religious faith who practice the same rites or the Eucharist (the Christian sacrament commemorating Christ’s Last Supper; the consecrated elements of bread and juice used during this sacrament.

I got thinking about this last year as part of our communion service at FLAME. We so often focus on the cross and the penalty paid for our sin. But there is so much more to communion. There are others who can express it better than I can. What do we have to celebrate at communion?

  1. We celebrate that we are a community of believers – the body of Christ
  2. We celebrate the blood that was shed for the forgiveness of sins through Christ’s death on the cross
  3. We celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus, who broke the chains of sin, death and hell
  4. We celebrate the hope of heaven and eternal life
  5. We celebrate the hope of Jesus’ return for his children.

These are real cause for celebration.

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