Doing New Things

Several weeks ago, I started this blog. Like I mentioned a few days ago, I never really considered myself a writer, even though I write a sermon each week. A year ago, I expanded to writing a monthly newsletter article for our church newsletter. This has now expanded to this blog. It’s been an interesting journey over the past week; trying to come up with something each day. Tomorrow will be the last day that I will be posting for a while. I need to rest my brain.

I tried something else new today. I wrote my first song. I’ve always considered myself a good arranger of other people’s material. I’m a musician and I like playing music. To write a song was a new experience for me. Don’t be looking for it anytime soon. It was a song that I wrote for a good friend. It’s sort of a silly song that I began writing almost a year ago, when all the boxes were packed to move to Martinsville. It was Sunday night and we weren’t moving until Tuesday. My guitar hadn’t been packed yet and I needed to cheer up my wife, so this little silly song was born. Tonight, I completed the lyrics and made a quick CD of the song for my friend. I can’t wait to share the finished product with him and his family. I think they’ll enjoy it too.

My daughter wrote something a year or so ago and put it as part of our screen saver. It says try new things everyday. That’s one way to stay out of a rut. This has been a good week of trying new things.

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