Mark Wilson got me thinking about SPAM a few weeks ago. No, not the processed food or emails, but about what the letters mean. Here, take a look:

Small Places Are Magnificent
Small-town Pastors Are Mighty
Small-town Pastors Are Mobilized
Small-town Partnerships Are Missional
Small Place As Mission

God has been teaching me that He can use us right where we are. The Good News needs to be told and people in rural/small towns need the good news just as much as large towns/cities/urban areas. I have been praying for the community around our church. I know our church is excited about the things God has planned for us in the future. Small Places are Marvelous! Thanks, Mark!

One thought on “SPAM

  1. The small community is the center of the universe!! God loved the world so much — He sent Jesus to be a small town preacher!

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