Have You Been Salty Lately?

salt-spillHere is a great article from The Gospel Coalition.  

Recently I had lunch with a new friend, whom I loved getting to know as a sister in the Lord. When you meet someone for the first time, you’re looking to learn all you can—by observing, by listening, by observing how she listens. . . . 

Let me tell you what offered the clearest window into this woman’s heart and mind. It wasn’t just her warm smile, or the energy with which she talked about God’s gracious direction of her path through rough and smooth places. It wasn’t even her description of the way she and her husband minister to a steady stream of people in their urban home, often keeping them for extended visits and aiming to disciple them in the way of Christ by word and example. It was her interaction with a young man who came to fill our water glasses. That’s what threw open the window and revealed her heart. He was not a terribly noticeable guy—kind of pale, slightly stocky, with reddish scruffy-thick hair and beard—and with sleeves rolled up enough to reveal tattoos on each forearm. My friend leaned over to read the arm closest to her: a short sentence, something about fighting off foxes. As she tried to decipher it out loud, our waiter haltingly explained it was inspired by a line from an Eudora Welty story—“you know,” he said, “that woman from the South who was a really good writer.” (I think I found the line in Welty’s short story “A Worn Path,” in which an elderly grandmother treks from the country to the city for medicine to save her grandson’s life and, encountering all sorts of dangers and obstacles, cries, “Out of my way, all you foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits, coons, and wild animals!”)

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God Is Our Banker

“Aug. 17, 1883…Think of this, dear reader! Day by day about 2,100 persons are to be provided for in the Orphan Institution…and £10 was all that was in hand to do this. You see we are just in the same position in which we were 46 years since as to funds. God is our banker. In Him we trust, and on Him we draw by faith…God is pleased continually to vary His mode of dealing with us, in order that we may not be tempted to trust in donors, or in circumstances, but in Him alone, and to keep our eye fixed upon Him. This, by His grace, we are enabled to do, and our hearts are kept at peace.”

George Müller (1805-1898) in Answers to Prayer ed. by E.C. Brooks.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsWhile most of the Northeast is battening down the hatches, we are getting ready for a little bit of the white stuff ourselves.  It’s an interesting forecast, because it is changing quickly.  We have gone from less than an inch to 3 to 5 inches back to nothing and now we are back in the 3 to 5 range.  Tomorrow should prove interesting, but not as interesting as it will be in the Northeast.

It looks like we are going to get a good shot of real winter again especially as we get into next week, but for now we are having a fairly normal winter – the temps this week will be just under normal for the last week of January.

It was interesting going out for a run in the snow/rain mix yesterday – other than that it was a nice kick-back day.  Anna was out of work early and we were able to relax in the evening instead of picking up kids from work.  Which is one of the reasons I need to get to bed early tonight, because Anna needs to be at work at 6 in the morning tomorrow, just before the rain changes to snow.  This week will be a bid of a normal week and I am looking forward to it.

We had a great day today – the music was good and the team did a great job of leading worship.  This afternoon we got ready for our first annual Crock-Pot Carry-In Dinner and Talent show.  It was great – who knew Parkway had such great talent and it wasn’t all singing.  I really enjoyed hosting the night.  That’s about all I’ve got tonight — Seize the day!

Sunday Set List

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Sunday, January 25, 2015 | Third Sunday of Epiphany

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